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About Us

Bennett Chiropractic X-Ray Systems

Over 50 years of Excellence

The Bennett X-Ray Company was started in 1955 in Copiague, New York. In 1989, Bennett X-Ray introduced a technological breakthrough, the 100 kHz high frequency generator. For the past 20 years this technology has been the standard of the radiographic industry, producing the highest quality diagnostic images. Utilizing this technology has enabled over 10,000 chiropractors to create greater penetration at lower patient dose than had preciously been possible with conventional x-ray systems.

15 years ago, the Bennett high frequency technology was transferred to a now subsidiary of Summit Industries, Chicago, Illinois. Summit, a leader in medical radiographic technology further refined the 100 kHz technology and is now producing the Bennett Renaissance Series of Chiropractic Systems. The Bennett Renaissance product line includes both conventional radiography and direct digital systems, both of which feature the 100 kHz technology. For more on this exciting technology, see the "100kHz High Frequency Story".

As with our Amrad™ and InnoVet™ brands, the Bennett chiropractic brand produced by Summit Industries enjoys the prestige and recognition as the number one provider to the market. All systems manufactured by Summit Industries have the best product warranties, and highest product quality as a result of ISO 9001 compliance and full FDA and UL conformance.