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About Digital Imaging

Can I upgrade my current x-ray system?

Yes, the UDCX direct digital wallstand upgrade replaces your existing wallstand and film cabinet. Minor adjustments may be required on some generators. The Fuji CR system allows upgrading to digital by replacing your film cassettes and processor with imaging plates and a plate reader.

What is DICOM?

DICOM (or Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard developed by the American College of Radiology and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. The standard was established to meet the needs of manufacturers and users in the medical imaging equipment for the exchange of data on standard networks. Already accepted across all medical fields, DICOM simplifies the development for all types of medical imaging. DICOM-compatibility simply means that different users of different imaging devices will be able to smoothly exchange information. (More info at

What is a PACS system?

PACS (or Picture Archive and Communications System) is used by the radiology and diagnostic imaging industry to manage information and images electronically. The system is responsible for acquiring, transmitting, storing, retrieving, and displaying digital images and related patient information from a variety of imaging sources, and communicating the information over a network.

Do I need a PACS system?

This will depend on your clinic set-up. If you have a multi-doctor clinic with multiple viewing stations, it is best to have a PACS environment. Not only will the PACS help manage all of the patients™ files for the multiple doctors, it will also act as your image storage facility.

Do I need additional networking brought in my X-ray room?

You will need a network jack in your x-ray room for the acquisition station computer. This computer needs to be networked into the Virtual Viewbox workstation computer. This can be done as an independent connection that does not link in with any other networking or it can be linked in with an existing network. The main goal is for the two computers to communicate without interruption.

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