Fuji CR

Fuji CR (Computed Radiography) Systems provide digital images with exceptional quality for private practitioners in an efficient, compact package.

The Fuji XC-2 utilizes storage phosphor Imaging Plates as an x-ray detection device. The XC-2 unit scans and processes x-ray image information from the imaging plate. It can also print out hard copies on film via a connected image recorder and can transmit digital images to PACS.

FUJI XC-2 Digital CR Package Specifications

  • Fuji XC-2 CR reader
    Single Cassette Feed
    Throughput: Up to 72 plates per hour (depending upon size and application)
    Accepts all cassette sizes
    High Quality Transfer Interface
    Automatic Plate Loading with Interface Erasing
    Integrates to all DICOM Compatible PACS Software
  • CR SERVER: DELL GX620 PC, Windows XP, 160GB, 1GB Ram
    19" Color Touch Screen Monitor (1024x768)
    On-line Processing Software (MFP) performs multiple tasks: automatic Image-Processing of the incoming raw data from the CR unit, Automatic Window/Level setting
    HIPPA Security Log and IHE workflow compatibility
    Also supplies user with a basic qc-view within 12 seconds
    Manual “black-border” collimation, Dynamic Range control, Flexible Noise Control
    Grid Pattern Removal, Exposure Data Recognizer.
    Intelligent design for fewer steps and clicks.
    ID Software records patient demographic and examination data in a study-oriented format onto the memory chip embedded in the ADC cassette via radio frequency
    Barcode scanner included Measurement and Annotation Tool Set
    Window level, Zoom, full annotation set, custom text annotations, flip, rotate, invert
    DICOM-Store Connection Software allows you to perform online transmission in the DICOM standard communication protocol format. Images can be transmitted via network to PACS, remote stations, or offsite web viewing.
  • Custom Workstation for XC-2 Digital System
    (2) 14X17 Automatic Cassette with Phosphor Imaging Plate
    (2) 10X12 Automatic Cassette with Phosphor Imaging Plate
  • (2) External Hard Drive Back Up
    • 300 GB Capacity
    • USB 2.0 Interface
    • 7200 rpm Maxtor Hard Drive
  • Installation/Training
    • Includes all Hardware Install
    • Includes Software Install
    • Includes all Applicable Cabling (end user to provide internet connection)
    • Provide Full Application Training to Physicians and Staff
  • Fuji CR Scanner & Software Warranty
    • 12 Month Parts/Labor
      • Includes Onsite Phone and Internet Communication.
      • Customer supplied internet connection needed prior to system install for remote diagnostics.
    • Imaging Plates/Cassettes
      • 24 Months Parts/Labor
      • Applies to manufactures defects and workmanship.
      • Damage resulting from mishandling is not included.
    • Computer Components
      • Specific to Manufactures Written Warranty