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Direct Digital IMAGER System

The IMAGER meets the challenges of increased exam volumes, stringent operating budgets and staffing shortages - all without the use of film, cassettes or expensive imaging plates. Standard features and benefits of the IMAGER System include:

  • Superior resolution and image quality provide better diagnosis and ensure the highest quality care for your patients.
  • Ultra fast image acquisition allows you to examine up to 3 times more patients each day. This feature alone boosts efficiency and directly enhances the profitability of your practice.
  • The 17 in. by 17 in. image area is the largest in the industry and provides for easy positioning for any size patient.
  • High efficiency receptor ensures you do not need to use excessive dose to obtain a quality image.
  • The industry's best warranty; 2 years on digital receptor, 7 years on all other.


HF-300 High Frequency Generator, 100 kHz, 30 kW rating
25 - 300 mA, 40 - 125 kVp, Anatomical Programming
HF3-SE Stored Energy (110 Volt) High Frequency Generator, 100 kHz, 30 kW rating, 25 - 300 mA, 40 - 125 kVp, Anatomical Programming
HF-400 High Frequency Generator, 100 kHz, 40 kW rating
25 - 500 mA, 40 - 150 kVp, Anatomical Programming


  • X-Ray Tube: 200,000 heat units, 0.6-1.5mm focal spot, 180 degree horns
  • High Voltage Cables: one pair, 15 ft. length
  • Tubestand: Floor to wall, no longitudinal travel, tube angle indicator, electric locks, counterbalanced, lead counterweight, operator hand grips (Fixed)
  • Tube Support: 5 ½" yoke and rotational tube mount
  • Collimator: manual, swivel mount, centering light, certified
  • Wallstand column assembly: floor-to wall, counter balanced, lead counterweights, electric locks
  • CCD Digital Image Receptor: 17" x 17" image field, 9 megapixel resolution; 3K x 3K image matrix, 14 bit greyscale dynamic range, 3.5 LP/mm (minimum image resolution), 4-6 second time to image (please specify camera left or right at time of order)
  • Grid: 200 LPI, focused 40" SID only (see options for 72" SID)
  • QXvue Software including: Acquire images, Image processing, Image viewing, Image manipulation, CD burning, Export images ( JPEG, DCM), DICOM Send.
  • QXLINK SERVER (mini-PACS) Software allows users to: Burn images to CD, View and manipulate images, export images to a directory, view images from CD, upload images to QXLink Server.
  • Computer: PC with 250 GB HD, 2 GB RAM, Windows XP Professional, 10/100 network card, CD-RW/DVD, keyboard and mouse
  • Monitor: 2 megapixel resolution, 20 inch flat panel with stand, LCD color, DVI, 800:1 contrast ratio, swivels portrait or landscape
  • Power Supply: Power line conditioner with UPS
  • Calibration & Training: Two (2) professional service days of receptor calibration and applications training.
  • Warranty & Support: Seven (7) year parts warranty on the x-ray system; X-ray tube carries a seven (7) year prorated warranty; Two (2) year parts warranty on the digital receptor. Computer and monitor are three (3) year parts from Dell. One (1) year support on chiropractic software. (Refer to factory for more details)

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