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Direct Digital IMAGER Upgrade

A Cost Effective Upgrade to Direct Digital X-Ray

Stepping up to digital is easier than ever with the Bennett IMAGER Upgrade. The IMAGER represents a cost effective direct digital option for chiropractors tired of the cumbersome development routine of film and cassette based systems. The IMAGER is adaptable to many older x-ray systems.


  • Direct Digital X-ray Receptor with Wallstand and Acquisition Station
  • Wallstand column assembly: floor-to wall, counter balanced, lead counterweights, electric locks
  • CCD Digital Image Receptor: 17" x 17" image field, 9 megapixel resolution; 3K x 3K image matrix, 14 bit greyscale dynamic range, 3.5 LP/mm (minimum image resolution), 4-6 second time to image (please specify camera left or right at time of order)
  • Grid: 200 LPI, focused 40" SID only (see options for 72" SID)
  • QXvue Software including: Acquire images, Image processing, Image viewing, Image manipulation, CD burning, Export images ( JPEG, DCM), DICOM Send.
  • QXLINK SERVER (mini-PACS) Software allows users to: Burn images to CD, View and manipulate images, export images to a directory, view images from CD, upload images to QXLink Server.
  • Computer: PC with 250 GB HD, 2 GB RAM, Windows XP Professional, 10/100 network card, CD-RW/DVD, keyboard and mouse
  • Monitor: 2 megapixel resolution, 20 inch flat panel with stand, LCD color, DVI, 800:1 contrast ratio, swivels portrait or landscape
  • Power Supply: Power line conditioner with UPS
  • Calibration & Training: Two (2) professional service days of receptor calibration and applications training.

Warranty & Support: Two (2) year parts warranty on the digital receptor. Computer and monitor are three (3) year parts from Dell. One (1) year support on chiropractic software.