HF-300 and HF-400: Advanced 100 kHz Technology

High frequency technology has revolutionized chiropractic radiology, however not all high frequency generators are alike. More powerful than conventional standard or medium frequency generators, our HF-300 30 kW and HF-400 40 kW generators produce true 100 kHz high frequency power. With less than 1 kV ripple, the x-ray produced is very efficient and extremely effective in addressing the most critical aspects of upright skeletal radiography. The advantages of our 100 kHz generators are:

  • Exposure times are reduced by a minimum of 50%.
  • Patient radiation dosage is reduced by 26%.
  • Shorter exposure times greatly reduce the risk of patient motion.
  • Increased penetration power at lower kV techniques, result in optimal film density with greater bone and soft tissue contrast, giving you the highest diagnostic quality.
  • Longer x-ray tube life and greater efficiency.

Allowing for easy operation, these generators include anatomical programming software that:

  • Eliminates the need to set all technique factors.
  • Automatically selects the lowest kV to maximize contrast on each image.
  • Utilize techniques proven through years of use and provides specialized chiropractic weight-bearing views.

For outstanding performance and dependability, our 100 kHz generators offer the ultimate in high quality imaging at an affordable price.